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IsiBaya, S2
Isibaya depicts the battle for wealth and power between the Zungus and the Ndlovus, two rival families living in Thukela Valley. The bitter feud between the two powerful taxi families continues in Egoli, the city of gold, where the Zungus seek to build their fortune.

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(Episode 435, S2)

Cast and Crew

Sidumo Mtshali (Actor)
Mampho Brescia (Actress)
Siyabonga Twala (Actor)
Nomzamo Mbatha (Actress)


Episode 435, S2
Aired on Tue, 27 Jan '15 | 13 V
Available until 24 Feb '15
Bhekifa is upset with Blade about his unfinished job. Mpiyakhe goes to KZN to see ...

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