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DStv Catch Up on Explora

A whole new era of entertainment convenience

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    175 hours of the best DStv content
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    Movies, series, kids shows, sports and documentaries
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    Watch Catch Up in glorious HD
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    A new way to explore and discover the best of Catch Up
Get to know the DStv Explora
Here's what you get
Web Stream/Download
DStv App
Explora PVR
Series stacking (multiple episodes from a single series)
Sport highlights
Sport magazine shows
Kids entertainment
Documentaries and Actuality
Web Stream/Download
DStv App
Explora PVR
Browse content with posters and images
Find related programmes
Video streaming (Internet required)
Video download (Internet required)
Video pre-loaded on device
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DStv Catch Up is a value-added service that is available to DStv Premium subscribers - giving you the ability to catch up on some of your favourite programming, on both your PVR and online, if you missed the earlier broadcast or repeats. You’ll find a selection of series and sports highlights on your PVR, while online you’ll be able to watch a wide variety of series, movies, current affairs shows and sporting highlights.

How do I get DStv Catch Up?

Step 1

Press TV GUIDE on your remote

Step 2

Press the down arrow to select DStv Catch Up                                                                                     

Step 3

Press OK                                                                                     

Press the yellow button to switch between sport and entertainment

*Only available to Premium subscribers with an active PVR access subscription.

Making the most of DStv Catch Up

High Definition(HD) 2-tuner PVR

  • Check that your signal strength and quality is above 95% (Press MENU >> INFORMATION CENTRAL >> INFORMATION CENTRAL and look at the bottom of your screen
  • Regular recordings can interfere with titles downloading to your PVR. The good news is that we realise you can't put your recordings on hold while you wait for Catch Up titles to download to your PVR. We repeat our download cycles at various times during the week for all DStv Catch Up titles to reduce the risk of recording interference
  • Make sure the PVR is switched on and not unplugged or in standby mode
  • Make sure that both tuner cables are fitted correctly
  • Remember that poor installation will have an effect on your overall picture and signal quality, and will also affect the delivery of Catch Up content to your PVR
  • For the best possible video quality in HD (HD PVR only), make sure your PVR is connected to your TV via HDMI cable

About Catch Up repeat cycles

If you have an HD 2P (two-tuner) PVR, your regular recordings can disrupt the delivery of Catch Up content to your PVR. If a recording that you have set does happen to conflict with an Catch Up title download, you may not see certain content in your Catch Up playlist.

In order to cater for these situations, we schedule repeat download cycles at various times during the week for all DStv Catch Up content, to ensure that customers who did not get the title on the first download will receive the repeat download within the week. If you don’t see a title in your playlist immediately, don’t panic, it should arrive soon, provided that there are no recordings happening during the repeat download.

On occasion, DStv Catch Up content may be delayed for other reasons because, as you can imagine, the broadcast environment is always changing and complex to manage. This also makes it difficult for us to make our download schedules public, because they can change multiple times in a day!

If changes or late delivery of DStv Catch Up title occurs, the DStv Catch Up team will endeavour to notify you via the DStv forums, call centre, Facebook or Twitter as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy DStv Catch Up!

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